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Vitalzym 180 Liquid Caps


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Product Description

Vitalzym Extra Strength Systemic Enzymes


Vitalzym Extra Strength soft gels are the world’s leading all-natural, vegetarian systemic enzyme supplement. Vitalzym features an unmatched proprietary blend that includes Serrapeptase, Bromelain, Papain, Rutin, Amylase, Protease, Lipase and Amla Extract. These softgel capsules are available in 60, 180 and 360 count bottles.


Vitalzym is the only systemic enzyme on the market today boasting the revolutionary enteric-coated, liquid-gel delivery system. Unlike many of the competitors’ tablet- or powder-based products, Vitalzym’s enteric-coated, liquid-gel system ensures that 100 percent of the enzymes survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach and reach the small intestine, where they become available for absorption into the bloodstream and then are dispersed throughout the entire body.†


What does this mean for you? Bottom line, you’ll be enjoying a smaller, easy-to-swallow capsule, taking less capsules per each dose and less doses per day to receive maximum systemic support. Thanks to Vitalzyms advanced delivery system, superior potency, unrivaled absorption rates and reliable consistency, you won’t need to wait three months to see results. You should feel a difference within weeks, or even days!


Features of Vitalzym Extra Strength


Vitalzym Extra Strength has been formulated with a technologically advanced delivery system that allows forreduced dosage and vastly increased effectiveness as compared to Original Vitalzym


Twice as strong as Original Vitalzym

Less cost per dose

Enteric coated for ideal release of active ingredients

Liquid filled for optimal absorption

Half the dose of original Vitalzym

Smaller and more convenient packaging, with flip-top lid

100% non-GMO


Completely recyclable packagin


Systemic Enzymes Help You Feel Better, Look Better, and Live Longer


Enzymes are said to be the “sparks of life.” They are considered keys that can unlock the door to a healthier you because they not only help improve digestion and nutrient absorption; they are also responsible for millions of bodily functions.


Vitalzym contains potent proteolytic enzymes designed to support health. It is an extremely effective systemic enzyme blend with a high Serrapeptase content. Vitalzym works synergistically to provide total system support. According to Dr. Peter Streichhan, a world-renowned enzyme researcher from Germany, "enzyme mixtures have a wider range of therapeutic advantages than do individual enzymes." 1


Vitalzym is specially engineered to help support:


Healthy inflammation responseHealthy blood sugar levelsHealthy immune systemsHealthy joint functionAnd so much more


Enzyme authority Dr. Anthony Cichoke says, "Every day, researchers throughout the world are discovering new enzymes and new therapeutic uses for them...Researchers are even studying enzyme replacement therapy devising new treatment methods for diseases that they have historically been unable to treat. This includes many diseases that result from inborn errors of metabolism, such as the inability of the body to make a particular enzyme."